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How to get more upvotes on Quora?

The main component of what makes Quora answers what they’re is that the upvotes they get. Upvotes for quora are as important and essential because the correct quantity of sweetness during a cake. they’re what makes Quora answers what they’re because without upvotes, you wouldn’t be ready to see the highest answers during a thread. […]

The best money earning app in the market

Times are such that you can get almost anything on your phones. We have evolved from satellite phones to smartphones and the name speaks for itself. You can do almost anything with the tap on your screen. Even earn a decent amount of money. Yes, you read it right. You can earn money online through […]

ASO agencies some important tips

Starting an enterprise is profitable and risky at the same time because you have to be aware of every ongoing activity in the market and necessary changes should be made on time. Every firm wants to grow like king who is known by his name and mighty deeds for which they have to do many […]

Competition: use it or loose it.

Last month I’ve been occupied with doing Events. It’s every summer From July till beginning of September.We’ve done the biggest events like this one: A 100.000 people dance event: Tomorrowland Official 2010 Aftermovie And the best festival in the world: So it has been a busy summer. Now usually I only work with partners […]

Re-Invent-Thing a brand like Jaguar

RIT or Re-Invent-Thing as I like to call it, is for marketeers one of the most difficult things in the world. I like to take Jaguar as an example. I remember when I first saw a new Jaguar (designed by someone who came from Aston Martin), it blew my mind away. A new era was […]

Your mission and your mission statement.

In a company like mine with no employees, it’s easy I have my mission and my mission statement and life up to that. I benefit from it. In a small company like my twin brother’s with 6 employees, it’s easy he has his mission and his mission statement and shared it with his employees. If […]