Companies already know that customers will share their bad experiences with others (as does 79% of the population).
85% wanted to warn others about the pitfalls of doing business with that company
66% wanted to discourage others from buying from that company
55% wanted to vent anger or disappointment
24% wanted to see if the company would take action to resolve their issue

76% WOM is still the biggest factor whether they’ll go into business with you
49% Customer Reviews & online feedback were most important
23% of the polled consumers were relying on ORM

Why they will spend more on you:
66% is willing to spend more money if you have an superior delivering ^ Customer service
58% of the consumers want you to respond on Social Media Networks
22% has gotten an answer
36% has been ignored by brands = 36% unsatisfied customers

Time being what does the consumer expect from you as a brand:
42% expect a response within a day
39% within a week
7% within an hour
2% within a minute