I found Curious by mistake, but it is now a regular part of my day.  What first got my attention was the chance to learn American Sign Language.  I have always wanted to, but have been unable to fit formal classes into my schedule.  App Store Optimization Services Curious offers a chance to learn on my own time, and a year’s subscription for the whole site is much less than one course at a college!  Now, I am always intrigued by the “curios” offered daily.  And I *never* miss the Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster!

“After first using the app I immediately bought the year long subscription – which is really affordable considering how much content it includes. The content is curated so I’m not aimlessly wandering the internet.

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I am immensely grateful for Curious because it helps me start the day with some mental exercises and some interesting, inspired stories. I also enjoy the wide selection of topics. 

I’ve been using the free version for over a year. The articles are great and I really enjoy the KENKEN puzzles. Really keeps you curious to keep coming back daily, even if it’s for only 10-15 minutes. My only issue is the text on the articles. Curious uses a black background with white text, which is very uncomfortable on my eyes, and if I see it’s a longer article I’ll just pass because of that. Not sure if anybody else finds the white text on black background to be an issue.

I really love this app!  In the short time I’ve had it I feel like I have grown so much!  My curiosity is back and I’m really learning again. As a 40 year old SAHM Mom (with a PT business), I’ve tried many apps to give me the intellectual simulation that I really miss from my former career, but I’ve found most of them lead back to politics/negativity/pop culture that is making my IQ decrease by the second. Haha  It is great to see and be exposed to so many topics of interest in short amounts of time because that is all you have to spare when small kids are involved.

“I begin each day with Curious, starting with the puzzles then the articles. top aso companies  I’m really good at the. Up & Down but my favorite Is Unilingo. Ken Ken is too simple and boring for me but I still do it and end with the crossword that usually takes about 45 minutes for me to finish.(I’m not real bright) The articles and videos are very enlightening and informative. After I used the free version for about 3 months I decided to buy the full version.  I spend more than what I paid for the full version, on junk stuff that I don’t need. I have yet had a chance to use the learning videos but I know I will in time. 

Every day there is usually something interesting to share with my grandchildren that they may not learn in school. For me, Curious is a good entertainment investment and it gets two thumbs up.”