Hotel, waterpark, park, pet store, and a bunch more things. I would like it if it had more things like turning the people a certain app store optimization companies way and Add a cat people out there like me like 🐈 add an airplane please in like you can go to different towns,Β  mix and match clothes and shoes, let you be able to read with the people write down and actually write down things in the books and you can read what you write down anytime you want to I hope you consider this and add it to your stuff. Thanks and bye”


es so much and I own all your games my play home my play home school you name it but I have a request can you make my PlayHome city πŸŒƒ where their are like a restaurant and a park and a lot of apartments and a salon πŸ’‡ and a movie πŸŽ₯ Theater 🎭 oh and a beach πŸ– and a airport and a hotel 🏨 so thank you guys for making this games I know it’s really hard to make games and I hope you liked my idea πŸ’‘I have a lot of imagination because I am 10 and i still love your games! Even though their ment for 4 year olds but I have a feeling that I will love your games for a long time thanks πŸ™!

I think it would be so fun and make this series of games SO much better if you could go on vacation! Maybe a cruise, theme park, beach top aso companies, airport. I think it would be so fun to pack their suitcase and take a trip to Hawaii, or Disney World, or a cruise. That would be so fun if there was a huge boat with restaurants, and pools, and an island to get off on, and tiny rooms (since they are pretty small on a cruise ship 🚒) how amazing that would be! Would definitely take these games up a level!

Hey, I Love my Play Home Games…. I Just feel Like it Needs More events…. Such as Water Parks, Amusement Park…. A Daycare…. More Houses…. More children like teens. it Would Also Be Nice if you could travel To Another World…. Or Have Places so that the People Who have the little jobs In My Playhome Store Has homes…. Also Add An Airport… Make It Look More Realistic…. Make and Laundry Room… Maybe An Car shop… Something more than this… Hotel, Beaches… It Just Needs More things In It… I Hope You see this.❀️

“Yes, you guys have the best apps in the App Store. Computer coding is the hardest thing ever. I tried it myself, and it did NOT goΒ  well. No pressure, but if you added pets, the stores would almost be… complete. Younger children can learn to take care of animals, and older kids (like me) can just enjoy taking care of our furry friends.