I had to use their network repair tool (if you click the “”help”” button on the chrome extension, then select “”mobile app can’t find Videostream””). I had to close Google Chrome, end all chrome tasks in Task Manager, and exit my firewall for the network repair tool to work. I was also using a VPN and Peer Block at the time appstore review buy, and after exiting those programs too, the app finally worked. After the app paired with my computer, I just reopened the firewall, VPN, and Peer Block with no app issues.

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As for improvements, I wish the app also had the ability to offset the subtitles like the computer can, as this would be much more convenient to do instead of getting up from the couch and heading to the computer every time the subtitles are off.

Overall, the app is working great and the performance is amazing!! I wish I knew about this app sooner!” “Shame on the people that are complaining about this app and giving it less than 5 stars. This app is free and the guys that built it are working for free. Constructively commenting a potential future feature should not involve giving the app a lower rating when it works perfectly as described- and it was free? You paid noting for it?

Anyways the app works great and is extremely simple. As soon as the video starts playing the remote will scan the network and automatically connect.” Idk what the review before mine is talking about but I got a new car that is way nicer than my last except it doesn’t have Apple car play. The dashboard is very high tech and complicated so I am having issues with ease of use. 

I wanted to find something for my phone similar to Apple car play and only found this one and one other. This one is so far so good except I can’t get it to read me text messages but Siri does this anyways so no big deal buy ios ranking. I also like the map interface because it tells me real time traffic jams and my music and other widgets are still in the corner. 

I think it just needs some fine tuning but excellent. I’m going to use it a little more before purchasing the year. “I stumbled across this app and I am so glad I did. Although I recently got a 2016 car, it didn’t have Apple Carplay. I really love the features for that. It was extremely expensive and uncertain about whether everything would work in my car with the aftermarket install. This app solves all of my problems. 

It gives me the look, feel, and experience of Apple Carplay without the price. Although it doesn’t show up on the car’s main head unit, I don’t mind. My good car mount and nice size smartphone is more than enough for me. I like having easy access to everything. It has worked well for me and I am so happy with my purchase.”