A sedentary lifestyle can have long-term effects on your health like weak legs and glutes,  weight gain, back pain, tight hips and a bad back, anxiety and depression,  heart disease, varicose veins, and stiff shoulders and neck. Many have already experienced these issues due to long hours of sitting at the work desk. Today’s lifestyle does not allow us to get enough movement daily. Because of that, we need to allot specific time for our entire day’s activity. This is where yoga plays a huge role. 

Many knowingly don’t try to get exercise because lifting weight or running for several minutes on the treadmill is something that not everybody enjoys, and that’s fine because you don’t need to do something which you don’t enjoy. Whereas with yoga, you will slowly get into shape and start living more consciously more mindfully. Yoga is not only about asanas; it has asanas, pranayama, and dhyana, which means yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation. All these three in combination will help you to live a meaningful life. 

How does yoga help in muscle recovery? 

Practicing yoga comes with lots of health benefits. While practicing asanas, you need to hold the posture for 30 sec to 1 minute, which may sound easy but really is uncomfortable while doing the pose. But with enough practice, you can comfortably hold a position for more than a minute. Maintaining the posture for a certain amount of time will increase your concentration and tone up the muscles in your body. Also, yoga posture will strengthen your muscles and relieve your back pain; in fact, their specific asanas for back pain. Yoga for back pain is one of the most used ways for pain relief. This is possible because yoga involves a lot of stretching, which helps muscle relaxation and also removes tension from the muscles. Another critical component of the holding posture is deep breathing. Deep breathing while holding the pose warms up our core muscles and improves the cardiovascular system. 

It helps on the physical level because, with yoga, you can discover your strength and weakness and take the necessary steps to improve yourself. Improved awareness about strength and weakness will also prevent you from taking unnecessary risks and prevent injuries. Working on your weaker muscles is essential, but that process should be carried out carefully, which is possible with yoga. 

How yoga improves your concentration? 

Your physical fitness is directly related to your mental health and the best results can be achieved with yoga. The practitioners practice meditation and breathwork, which stimulates the human’s parasympathetic nervous system, which helps practitioners experience mindfulness, stillness, and calmness in the body. Doing these meditative exercises regularly will energize you for the entire day and make you more focused and productive. This is possible because mediation reminds you of how grateful you are to be a part of the whole cosmos. It reminds you that every breath is pristine; it also reminds you that you are here for a short period and whatever you do makes a difference, reminds you of your significance, which will help you lead your day in the right direction. 

If you want to have beautiful experiences sign up for online yoga classes, and a good yoga teacher will help you have those experiences. It will just take 10min of your time to sign up for a class, so make sure you do it!!!!!