Here is the list of a few reliable app review sites for Android,

reviews and ratings.  Recently, apple had started slamming on fake reviews. So optimisation of the app is a necessary step to enhance the App reputation. For an instance the title name of the app must be impressive and simple. The icon must be attractive to the potential customers, and the best screenshots must be up for advertising the app. ASO is a bit budget bothering , but if it is properly implemented then it can provide loads of benefits more than buying an app review and false ratings for any android phone earn talk time app.

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Paid ads.

Paid advertising is a trend. Well, deviating from iPhone to android, there is a plenty of scope for flourishing in this field besides buying android apps, play store reviews, and app reviews for android to push up the graph of improving app reviews and ratings. 

Coming back to iOS, some social platforms are comfortably affordable for the app developers, for instance, Facebook. If you want to promote a travel app, for example, you can improve you budget upon advertising may be some, special discounts on exotic tours, or , a beauty app might advertise a contest through the concept of paid ads in the software platform.


LTV of a customer.

Life Time Value of a customer is a must research for all app developers lest the aforementioned strategies might fail. 

Customers shall not be such, that they install the app but does not retain to use it and uninstall it at the very first instance. The cost per installation works a lot in this context. Per installer expenses might be comparatively higher than the Life Time Value of the customers. This generally leads to incurring huge loss than any other procedure of app promotion


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App review that are bought works considerably on app promotion. Bought ratings from App Store keeping in mind not to inject a suspiciously huge  number of false stars that might otherwise prove detrimental to the interest of the app developer and publisher.In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, one must externally decorate the app with lucrative offers and vouchers to lure most customers to your portal. Maybe, linguistic equality can even impress customers globally. With a large number of app downloads, there is an automatic increase in the app rank.This helps in analysing the potential of your app in luring customers.Firstly, the service provider must be reliable. Remember, in case you opt for buying app downloads