Smartwrap Shopping How Buying Sample Products Increases Conscious Consumerism?

How Buying Sample Products Increases Conscious Consumerism?

Conscious consumerism is the new buzzword in the retail landscape, and it is a gradual movement led by a driven motive of purchasing products and services that align with their environmental, ethical, and social belief systems. The revolution started with the vision of promoting consciousness among retailers and consumers, so that they make socially aware decisions when it comes to manufacturing and purchasing products. It is high time we stop indulging ourselves in consumerism, which has a hazardous impact on our environment and compromises the principles of sustainability.

Sampling of products is an innovative approach to promoting the purpose of conscious consumption. For the unversed, sampling is nothing but miniature versions of certain products created and sold with the agenda of introducing them to the consumers. It has been a very common practice in cosmetic industries in recent years because splurging a fortune for luxury brands’ products is something that only a limited section of society can afford to do. Even for the apprehensive consumers, trying any such product for the first time by burning holes in their wallets seemed to be a total deal breaker. To cope with all such issues, the concept of sample products in online shopping apps seemed to be very effective.

Using this concept as the core subject of marketing and endorsing products, brands are leaving no stone unturned in introducing their latest formula of magical products, such as body mists, lip kits, hair care kits, skin serum, etc., in mini packing. With the slogan of “try before you buy,” these products are making their way into the cosmetics market and beauty arsenals of many. Brands are going to the length of promoting these trial packs by distributing them for free with the purchase of other full-size products. There are dedicated web portals and apps that sell these products in the form of mini-trial packs and provide cashback and discount vouchers for the same.

How do these mini-trial packs play a key role in conscious consumerism?

  • Authentic sourcing of products: Brands are prioritizing ethical sourcing of products by ensuring the usage of environment-friendly & non-toxic materials and adopting sustainable practices in manufacturing by reducing carbon footprint.
  • Keeping a check on social responsibility: The sampling of products was introduced with the sole purpose of making it accessible and affordable for all sections of society. Social awareness created by this practice is huge in magnitude, and it also promotes inclusivity by introducing products in all genres, respecting inclusion and diversity. 
  • Fine transparency and appropriate accountability: By delivering products on a trial basis through an online shopping app, brands are putting their best efforts on the table for consumers by listing the ingredients and fair trade practices to encourage future purchases. In case there is any issue with the legitimacy of these products, or even if there is a minor issue concerning them, consumers are in the position to lay their grievances with full authority, demanding complete accountability from brands. Consumers have the ball in their court to decide whether they would invest in full-size versions of those trial packs or not.

There are several advantages of implementing the method of sampling before buying full-size products, such as creating positive change that is working in favor of both manufacturers and consumers, promoting corporate accountability, and encouraging innovation. It helps the consumers to create a collective impact and voice out their concerns about any product that they feel needs special recognition or otherwise.

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