Apps have been the focal point of attention for a while now. The onset of this whole trend stated with the launch of the Play Store and it hasn’t stopped a bit since. Every year the Play Store sees a growth of close to 15% in the number of apps and this number just keeps on rising. With the start of the Play Store, businesses whether small or big found an opportunity to do something unique and add a new dimension to their business and ever since the growth in the number of apps has been phenomenal. Today there is a huge diversity of apps ranging all the way from shopping apps to online food order and it goes all the way to gaming apps  buy ios app installs. The opportunities are immense and so are the challenges. Keeping one of the most important challenges in the app market, we will talk about app search ranking and how to increase it. 

How to Get Benefited with Android App Installs?

App Ranking and the App store 

As stated many times, the Play Store by Google is the most crowded of the app stores with the app count going up to 3 million. This is a huge number and the next one is the iOS Play Store with an overwhelming app count of around 2 million. These huge numbers are a clear indication of the opportunities lying in the app store despite the number of apps currently present in the app store 

One of the most important things to be careful about is your app position in the app store. There are a number of factors that affect your app ranking in the app store. The most important of these factors are:

         App Installs and downloads

         App reviews and app ratings


These factors have a huge role to play in determining your app’s success in the app store. After all your success is defined by your app’s ranking. Let us talk about the importance of each before finally coming to the main theme of this article buy app store reviews. 

App Installs are one of the things that decide your app’s rank in the app store. The more installs your app has, the better your app’s rank will be in the app store. There are a number of techniques to improve your app installs and surprisingly every method comes under app promotion techniques. The most easiest way is to follow traditional advertising methods like displaying ads in newspapers, magazines, TVs and other related medium. This is really effective when it comes to improving your app visibility in the app market. You can also invest in social media advertising. Social media is the talk of the day and given the number of people active in social media websites, it is fair only to maintain your social media pages well. Hire a good social media execute and make sure you involve your audience in a well way. This will not only help in improving your app’s brand name but also in increasing the app installs.