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Tom is unique, topical, relevant, informed, prepared, engaging and entertaining.  Sure, he’s opinionated and controversial, but that’s his shtick. He sells it in much the same way as Howard Stern did for many years.  I do not agree with lots of what he says, but I enjoy his delivery.  People who do not like him usually disagree with his content and not with his logic.  I think it’s a great show. The only issue I have is that recently he repeats his complaining about non-subscribers or free app users who in turn complain about him. 

I feel if the app is available for free he is reaping the benefits of having a bigger audience and thus his advertising market is larger allowing him to sell advertisement at a higher premium. So you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  Otherwise, I think it’s a very entertaining show with an entertaining host. “From the New Normal studios in Burbank; it’s the Tommmmmm Leykis Shoooow. 

The radio talk show that talks about the issues you reeeeeaaaaallly care about is now packaged up in the perfect app. Stream the live show, download previous shows, call in, or shop all in 1 place and at the tap of a finger.

Don’t miss out on valuable financial advice on Money Monday; legal advice from attorney Adam Sacks; your heads will roll like jelly jars on Be Funny; Leykis 101, the ongoing on air adult education course that teaches men how to get more tail for less money; wide open telephones on Flash Friday and more. 

If you’re not already a listener, don’t be a [meow], download the app today. Do it while you’re thinking about it. It’s the Tom Leykis Show.

-Mark D (Bangkok Mark)”

“If you’re a fan of the Tom Leykis Show, this app will make your experience even better. It’s so cool looking! You can access the live stream any time and if you’re a P1 you can access your Premium or Super Premium Tom subscription and download any show you want! 

You can also support them by clicking on the shopping cart to access Amazon directly through the New Normal affiliate link so they get credit for your purchase, and call the show with one click by pressing on the phone button. This app is just as amazing as the New Normal guys and what they produce for us. And last but not least, 5 stars for the Free App Company who developed this great app https://www.freehitapp.org/. Thank you!”