Last month I’ve been occupied with doing Events. It’s every summer From July till beginning of September.
We’ve done the biggest events like this one:

A 100.000 people dance event:

Tomorrowland Official 2010 Aftermovie

And the best festival in the world:

So it has been a busy summer. Now usually I only work with partners (Red Bull, BM projects, Sensation) and not with competitors I was questioning myself why not actually?

I’m a free man working as an independent freelancer. Broadening my network can only make me bigger  or am I wrong here?
Why do I have the feeling then I’m betraying my partners, I think you have to do this with some kind of humility an delicacy. It’s like art you like it or you don’t like it, but if it’s really good  painting a lot of people will like it

The choice you make to work for  someone is not a marriage contract, it’s more like a contract of living next to each other.
So going to make the choice of using competition. Maybe you should to in the future, it’s better to work with each other then against each other.