Before you dive deep into the article, you should be familiar with some terms that you need to understand while reading this. First, are you familiar with app store optimization companies in India or even app store optimization? Have you ever heard of the term called ASO, SEO or CRO? Are you familiar with the concept of digital marketing? If you have not heard even one of the terms, then my friend you need to gear up because this are among some of the most sought after skills in the field of marketing nowadays. Now, digital marketing refers to conventional marketing with the addition of technology. The conventional marketing referred to the physical sale or increasing the reach of a product by letting people know through surveys or posters or stuff like that. Digital marketing involves the marketing of a certain product or apps, in this case with the help of the technology available nowadays. This form of marketing is the most powerful kind of marketing that exists in the digital age that is helping millions of companies.

Now you may be asking why this is so important. Well let me give you an example. When you post a picture on your social media page, you want your friends to know about the picture you posted. The social media gives a notification to your friends about the picture of yours and then they like and post comments. This is exactly same with the digital marketing scheme. When a developer builds and launches an app, he wishes all the users to use his app and give positive feedbacks about it. However, if for some reason the app does not do as expected then the app store optimization companies in India come into the scene. The app store optimization companies in India help these apps to get their due attention in the market by making their app store pages look attractive and making the customers to find the app really quick such that they download and use it.

How does this work?

The apps are designed for helping the users in every way possible. When they fail to impress the users the developers seek the help of the app store optimization companies in India. This companies make positive reviews and draft articles about the apps such that users are attracted to the app. They even make the app store previews of the apps look nice. This includes screenshots and relevant videos of the apps that make the user understand the importance and the functions of the app. It also includes something called the ranking of the app. This things are done so that the app gets a higher rank in the stores such that the customers can easily access the app with one search.


 With the sheer increase of the trend to study science and engineering and subjects like that, there has been a huges urge in the number of programmers than what previously used to be in India. This has led to the advent of huges number of start ups and new businesses. By the next 10 years start ups will be the next big thing as said by the researchers. This also leads to one conclusion that it will be a very busy time for the app store optimization companies in India considering the huge labor they put in marketing any app to the customers. Now do you get the importance of ASO companies?